Homemade Handbag

Companies often design or create their own fabrics to maintain the essence of their brands and create exactly what they want. I had to make my own striped pattern for a ParsonsxTeenVogue assignment and use it to make the signature bag that I previously designed.

I created the pattern by sewing together strips of various fabric remnants and then taping the fabric to the mockup test version of the bag I’d made out of a poster. In order to do this, I had to keep track of costs and create yet another cost outline to make sure I still had a viable product.

I found that creating my own fabric significantly added to the production time, so I would either have to sell the product on my own (to keep it at the estimated retail price of $47 that the one-fabric designed bag is) or raise the estimated retail price to $90 (see one of my previous blog posts to find out why). The cost outline of the striped bag is posted below.

Various remnants $1.29
Poster board $1
Tape $2
Thread $2
3.5 hours @ $8.50/hr. $29.75
Total cost $36.04
20% profit $7.21
Total cost plus profit $43.25






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