Follow up

I found that the majority of my followers on Pinterest are around my age (in their late high school or early college years). Most of them are women, but a few are male, and they normally log onto the website in the evening (probably when they’re watching TV after dinner and don’t want to pay attention to the commercials). Furthermore, they mainly “like” or “repin” my fashion and quote posts as opposed to my animal, art, or health and fitness posts.

All of this is important and helpful to me in making my Pinterest blog even better. I now know to post more fashion and less fitness to keep the interest of my followers and gain even more. I also know to keep the fashion posts centered on more modern and youthful looks as opposed to what older Pinterest users would like or wear.

My Instagram, however, is mainly followed by my friends and family, who give me the most likes on pictures I post with other friends and family. This helps me know to post more pictures like that as opposed to pictures of landscapes or pets, which was what I did when I first started the account.

All social media and blog sites are learning experiences, and checking the stats is like a free tutoring session.



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